Emma Degg FRSA – Chief Executive of North West Business Leadership Team

News | 09/10/2023

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Emma Degg, Chief Executive of the North West Business Leadership Team (NWBLT) has emerged as a driving force in championing sustainability in the North West region.

NWBLT comprises of 40 of the largest businesses and universities in the North West and took a central role in the formation of Net Zero North West, to bring together key partners to deliver on the region’s Net Zero pledges.

Vision for the North West

At the heart of Emma’s vision lies the belief that the North West can emerge as a shining example of sustainability. With countless promising projects and visionary plans in the works, she sees the private sector’s role as pivotal. It’s about more than just envisioning a sustainable future; it’s about the tangible actions that will transform those visions into reality.

“The vision for Net zero North West is to be seen as the organisation that helps deliver on these promises.”


NWBLT is poised to work closely with regional mayors and partners to bring about impactful changes.

Exciting developments include the HyNet project which promises to revolutionise the region’s energy landscape, and collaborative efforts with Manchester Airport is set to promote the use of sustainable aviation fuels.

When asked about these exciting future developments in the region, Emma tells us, “There is an opportunity to work ever more closely with our partners to get things done,”

“These ventures hold the promise of substantial, real-world change in the region’s sustainability landscape.”

Obstacles and Opportunities

While the North West teems with opportunities in industrial decarbonisation, it is not without its challenges. Emma notes that one formidable task is converting engaging discussions into actionable and investable projects.

Additionally, aligning government policies and partner efforts with the needs of both the economy and the community presents a complex challenge.

Emma underscores the importance of the Government’s long-term energy plan - “It is great to see the long-term energy strategy, it’s clearly very important. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and work closely with partners to take the right opportunities to government and investors.”

What excites Emma most about the future of clean energy in the North West is the region’s potential to undergo a remarkable transformation -

“The North West accounts for a significant part of the country’s carbon problem. This presents an amazing opportunity for future generations to be working in green industries, securing the legacy of our manufacturing past.”

Defining Milestones

Since the formation of the cluster, one of the key milestones, in Emma’s perspective, has been the successful delivery of phase 2 of the UKRI decarbonisation roadmap for the region. This achievement, led by Jane Gaston, showcased the capacity of a diverse group of organisations and partners to work cohesively.

Emma asserts that this project “forms the bedrock for future changes and innovations to come.”