Net Zero North West appoints new Chair

News | 17/05/2024


Net Zero North West (NZNW) is announcing the appointment of Steve Goldspink, Head of Business Development at Siemens, as Chair of the organisation. The announcement comes after Myles Kitcher, formerly of Peel NRE stepped down as Chair. NZNW is indebted to Myles for his years of support and service.

Just last month (April 2024) NZNW also unveiled its groundbreaking manifesto, aimed at making the North West the world’s first net zero cluster. As Chair, Steve will support CEO Ged Barlow in championing the goals and initiatives of Net Zero North West, and continue to be a proactive board member.

With almost 25 years ’experience, Steve brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role, along with a deep passion for driving the North West towards a net zero future. Over the past two decades, he has worked in various disciplines including engineering, strategy and business management, with a focus on the energy industry and more recently smart infrastructure and sustainability.

He will play a key role in engaging with stakeholders, helping to influence policy and ensuring that all voices are heard within the organisation. Steve’s ambition is for the region to be a pioneer, leading the way in innovative solutions towards industrial decarbonisation in the North West.

Ged Barlow, CEO of Net Zero North West, said: "Steve has served as a member for fourteen months now, during which time he has made a significant contribution, helping shape our overall strategic direction.

“After the launch of our manifesto, we’re at a pivotal point and Steve’s extensive industry experience and passion for sustainability make him a perfect fit for supporting us on this exciting journey. We look forward to working closely with him to advance our mission of achieving net zero emissions in the North West."

One of the biggest challenges in achieving net zero emissions, as identified by Steve, is the need for policy and regulation certainty, to support key challenges of investment, grid capacity and energy efficiency. Additionally, addressing the skills gap in the industry is crucial to ensuring a successful transition to net zero, underscoring the importance of investment in education and training.

Steve Goldspink, Chair of Net Zero North West, said: "Having worked in the North West for over two decades, I feel a strong connection to the region and its potential for innovation in decarbonisation efforts.

“NZNW is a pioneering institution that has been at the forefront of the drive to net zero. The opportunity we have in front of us is not only regionally significant, but nationally and internationally. I am excited and committed to driving the transition to net zero in a way that is fair and equitable for all, creating new opportunities and jobs along the way."

NZNW is actively seeking new members to join their efforts in driving towards a low carbon future. Businesses interested in becoming members of Net Zero North West can reach out to board members for more information.

The announcement comes after Myles Kitcher has stepped down as Chair. NZNW thanks Myles for his service.